EcoJet Portable Bidet with Accessories Set - Special Price

World-class engineering meets beautiful design with this portable bidet that you can carry everywhere you “go”! Developed for those that seek a more hygienic and eco-friendly bathroom experience, EcoJet will leave your tush AND your conscience clean and refreshed. Start cleaning with EcoJet and reduce your environmental butt-print today!


WHAT IS IT? - The EcoJet is the world’s first portable bidet that cleans your behind with pressurized water, reducing the number of wipes or eliminating them entirely.

ENJOY ENHANCED HYGIENE - Wiping your butt with toilet paper doesn’t really clean you; smearing poop around simply isn’t adequate to ensure cleanliness! Surely your own brain tells you not to accept the lie that toilet paper is enough to ensure you’re 100% pristine down there…

MORE ECO-FRIENDLY - The EcoJet cuts your toilet paper consumption by 50%~100%, effectively helping you leave a smaller ecological footprint (fewer trees cut and less water wasted).

ALLEVIATES ANAL HEALTH ISSUES - If you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, anal itching, or some other anal agony, wiping with dry toilet paper is harmful to your already-sensitive hiney and can actually aggravate your condition. The cold or warm water from your portable EcoJet will soothe your irritated nether region while spraying away leftover fecal matter. And the soothing effect helps relax your anus, so constipation sufferers will need to strain less to achieve success.

SAVE MONEY - The EcoJet will pay for itself in less than a year (even sooner if you’re part of a family)!

EXTREMELY PORTABLE - The EcoJet is small enough to fit inside a small purse and in a pocket, so you can take it with you to your office, on vacation, and everywhere you want to ensure a clean hiney!



Tech Specs

・Reservoir capacity: 5.6 fluid oz / 165ml 
・Weight (w/o Water): 7oz / 200g 
・Water-proof: Up to 1m depth 
     -Folded: 6in / 15.3cm 
     -Open: 14.5in / 36.9cm 
・Spray Time: 
     -LO Setting: 60 seconds 
     -HI Setting: 30 seconds 
     -USB-Charge Lithium 
     -Voltage: 3.7V / 500mA 
     -Power consumption: Max 4W 
     -Duration: About 100 cycles 
     -Standby time: Max 30 days 
     -Full charge: 2 hours


Included in the Box

・1x EcoJet Portable Bidet 
・1x Water Reservoir 
・1x Bottle Adapter 
・1x Nylon Wrist Strap 
・1x USB Cable 
・1x English Manual 
・1x Carrying Pouch
・1x Box


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