Top 9 Reasons to  
  Use EcoJet  

  Top 9 Reasons to  
  Use EcoJet  

There are many reasons why you should start using EcoJet, but here we've listed the Top 9!

You’re not alone if you thought that bidets and any device that cleans your butt with water after a dump are just for rich people. Well, times have changed! Today, consumers are a lot more conscious of keeping their behinds healthy and sanitary, and looking at modern ways that work better than toilet paper to clean their behinds. The EcoJet Portable Bidet is one such solution that can change lives, promote healthier lifestyles, and save you money! Let’s look at its top 9 benefits…

1. The EcoJet is More Hygienic than Toilet Paper

Let's face it. If you need to clean your entire body, or even just your hands, would you just wipe yourself down with a dry paper towel? Of course you wouldn't! You'd at least use water and possibly soap, then dry yourself off. Basically, when you use toilet paper, you are literally wiping off and smearing germs and bacteria with a dry towel. Your bottom area is very sensitive so you must ensure you are taking care of it the very best way you know how to. You can do a lot better than just toilet paper, and that’s where the EcoJet comes in.

2. The EcoJet Saves You Money

Toilet paper costs approximately $10 for a pack of 12. After 10 packs, the EcoJet would have paid for itself with the toilet paper cost you would saved. If you have a family, you know that going through 10 packs doesn’t take that long. By using the EcoJet, you would only pay a fraction of the cost for toilet paper – just a few squares for a safety wipe or to dry off. You can take that extra money and spend it on a nice present for yourself!

3. The EcoJet is Environmentally Friendly

Let’s do some quick math. Americans, on average, use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper a year, and this number is growing every year. To make a single roll of toilet paper, 12 to 37 gallons of water (let’s take the middle 24.5 for this calculation) are required. So 36.5 billion rolls times 24.5 gallons equals…894,250,000,000 gallons of water…that’s 894 BILLION GALLONS OF WATER that goes into toilet paper in a year, and that’s just for Americans! Add to that the 15 MILLION TREES that are required to make 36.5 billion rolls, and it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that that’s a lot of natural resources wasted for a product that can be cut down on.

Using the EcoJet Portable Bidet system will cut way down on the amount of wasted water and the destruction of trees! Forests could actually grow again and trees will be able to flourish! Consumers who have chosen the EcoJet use a very small fraction of what people, who do not have the device, use in water and paper.

4. The EcoJet Helps Those With Health Issues

The EcoJet was designed so that, if you so desire, the water can be sprayed at an angle to shoot inside you. You might be making a grossed out face, but there are obvious health benefits to this. If you suffer from constipation, the water can help stimulate the area and assist with having the poop out easier. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, the EcoJet will also be a great relief. You will not experience the abrasiveness that toilet paper causes against your sensitive skin. Using this system with warm water will help you deal with hemorrhoids and alleviate the discomfort.

5. The EcoJet is Portable

The EcoJet is the world’s first portable bidet, meaning that you can take it with you anywhere you go. It's only 6-inches long in its compact size and fits in your pocket or a small purse. Whether you’re going on vacation or to work, you can take it with you!

Another great benefit for using the EcoJet, if you use a bathroom that does not have a faucet to fill up the reservoir of your system, just have a bottle filled with water, screw it onto the system and you are set!

6. The EcoJet is Great for Kids

EcoJet is the perfect choice to teach your kids how to perform good hygiene practices in the bathroom. It will continually help them develop personal hygiene habits so they will prevent themselves from becoming sick while ridding of fecal and bacteria.

7. The EcoJet Will Prevent Clogged Toilets

Toilet paper and “flushable” wipes (yes they go down, but they don’t break down) are the main culprits for causing sewage clogs, so it goes without saying that using less toilet paper means less clogs. Toilet paper clogs can be very costly to fix for you, and when it affects the city sewers, it can be very costly for the city to fix as well.

Although companies claim that their toilet paper is flushable, when you consider how many tons of toilet paper is traveling through the pipes to the sewer system, there are going to be problems down the road. Using the EcoJet, you will only use a few squares of toilet paper to dry yourself. In turn, this will significantly decrease the amount of paper flushing every time you use the bathroom.

8. The EcoJet is Different From & Better Than a Traditional Bidets

A typical standalone bidet must have additional space and plumbing, while the EcoJet does not require any space, nor is there any plumbing involved. Many people rent these days, and you can’t just install a bidet in an apartment, making it not possible for many. The EcoJet, on the other hand, can be used anywhere, whether you’re renting a small apartment or own a large house (in which case you probably want multiple for every bathroom you or your family poop in).

Using a bidet is an awkward task as well. You have to straddle the bidet and sit uncomfortably to get it lined up right. With the EcoJet, you stay sitting on the toilet like usual, put the EcoJet under your butt (either from behind your butt or between your thighs - both work equally well), and move the shower so that your desired spots get sprayed and cleaned!

9. The EcoJet is Awesome

Overall, the EcoJet Portable Bidet is a very new concept in the United States and other Western countries, but this device has rapidly been gaining popularity for those that are health and hygiene conscious, as well as those that want to be more eco-friendly when they use the bathroom. People are starting to understand the many benefits of using the EcoJet, and it’s becoming a no-brainer to purchase. This system will give you a healthier cleaning process and will definitely cut back on your toilet paper consumption, helping your wallet and the environment!

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About Us

EcoJet is an American company, based in Florida, on a mission to make your bathroom visits more hygienic and healthy, while reducing your environmental footprint. After years of hard work and countless prototypes, we have successfully built a product that we 100% stand behind. We can't wait for you to try the EcoJet Portable Bidet and experience this life-changing device!