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Having disabled hands due to a medical issue, toileting has been a challenge. A toilet seat bidet solved the problem at home. But what about away from home? How could this be solved? You know, this is important! I found Ecojet online, but for some reason was skeptical. I needed a solution, liked what I saw of the customer service info online, and decided to order. Couldn't wait for it to get here....PROBLEM SOLVED!!! It works!!! I think I'll use a water bottle to get a good wash, but it works!!! I recommend it. Used it on a trip over Thanksgiving in the Hotel. It works!!! Thanks Ecojet for this product!

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No butts about it

Having a degenerative disc disease makes doing everything painful and harder. EcoJet makes the bathroom experience less painful while keeping me fresh and clean. I love my EcoJet and I don’t leave home without it!

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The Best

This is the best thing since sliced bread. I have 2, one for home and one for travel, would not be without it.

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Great product

I really like this product. Comes handy especially while traveling. It's even better since you can use warm water in this. I think all females should have one of this especially during your month cycles it is so useful. I would stick with low pressure though. The only reason i gave 4 star was because i wish it did have a more powerful stream because it only sprays from 5 tiny holes i wish it was more like 12. But other than it i really like it.

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Great product

It is the best due to 5 types arthritis . Reach is hard to do. It has worked well. I able clean up easier and do not worry that I smell bad..

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Awesome product!

I love the EcoJet! I accidentally ordered three units and I'm so glad I did. I now have one for both bathrooms in my house and one for the camper. I tried two other portable bidets and didn't like either of them. One not only showered my bum but the toilet and the floor too! The other one didn't work at all; the stream was weak and the angle all wrong. The EcoJet works like a charm! The steam is strong enough to clean well, the unit is easy to aim and use, so no extra water splashing about. And I like being able to use warm water if I want. I feel clean and fresh! I like not using toilet paper as saving the earth is a high priority for me. The bum towels are so soft and work well with the EcoJect. This company is reliable and it's easy to order. Love my setup in the bathroom!!

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Bamboo Bum Towels
kathy jones

Haven't had the chance to use it yet, as at home we have a bidet, so will only be using it away from home.

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happy days

Thank you for the bidet. l love it. l ordered it as l was having a hand operation due to Rheumatoid Arithrits. I was in hospital when it arrived.. l love it. you feel so clean and fresh. l brought a second one as silly me forgot to pay extra for insurance. l want to make sure l have 2. I've loved that it is portable. l would recommend buying one. great for elderly like me but also young ones. This is a wonderful no BS site.

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EcoJet Bidet-new life!

I was so desperate for one of these. The instant I saw it advertised I was ordering, not one but two! I could hardly wait for them to arrive. EEEK! It was just what I needed. No more smellies all day!!! So fresh feeling and not worried about smelling badly out in public. Thanks to whomever designed and promoted this product.

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It really works and an affordable price point.

This is amazing! Never felt so clean or environmentally correct. Bought 2 more for friends who are suffering from IBS and colitis. This will be great to use on my butt before my upcoming colonoscopy prep. Feeling shower fresh every time. Affordable and it really works. It’s gentle cleansing is most appreciated.

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Haven't used it yet

I'm kind of leary of using it. I need to get braver!

99% Happy,Happy

I am older with arthritis issues, this little machine is terrific for me, no more "tracks in the pants". The only thing is the adapter for a bigger bottle should have threads that fit a regular (sturdy) soda bottle. The filtered water bottles just don't work, too flimsy, otherwise you have a great product, thanks.

Hello David,

We're over the moon to meet another happy and satisfied customer like you!

We're always coming up with ways to improve our products and services. A brand in the USA that fits the adapter is Poland Springs Water & Kirkland (among many others). In general, the adapter fits with bottles that have a short lip/top/mouth.

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good invention

great portable machine glad I purchased it as does what it says and easy to take with you if away from home
very pleased with my purchase.

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Happy With Product

I am happy with the ease and through job that using the EcoJet has accomplished.
Great product!

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Great product

Love it! So handy and easy to use. Clean and fresh every time.

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I Love It I Feel So Clean After Use. And The Spray Is Strong, I Put A Tiny Drop Of Body Wash Now I'm Really Clean

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I was extremely pleased with your product. I was a little worried about ordering online because of being disappointed so many other times. I am a senior citizen and have incontinence problems also. My ecojet freshens up that area during the day too. I love the convenience. I too wish there was an option of a bigger tank for home use. The size now is good for on the go. Thank you for a great quality product.

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Clean butt

Love it and never felt so clean
Love the feeling
Have it ready to go see photo

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Great Product

I really love this product.. Very sanitary

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Bamboo Bum Towels
Bev Peters
Bamboo wipes WOW Tasmania Australia

I was surprised how tough these are. I did think they may rip once washed but they didn’t. Of course they only need a rinse as nothing on them. Thanks you. Made my life easier.

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Our Bamboo Bum Towels might be the softest, but don't be fooled, as we made them to last for a long time!

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Changed my life. Bev Australia. Tasmania

Best Buy l have even made. I had a hand operation back in Feb . Saw ad for ecojet and six months after op l am still using it. Love it. Thank you.

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Good product

I can’t believe how easy this is to use and I use warm water and a wet wipe that’s all. Great product 😷

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Sturdy bottle needed for thorough clean up

I would have given it a 5. However, the small water container is not sufficient. I had to look for the bottle which fits the apparatus. Perhaps, such bottle should have been provided. The water bottles suggested by EcoJet are a bit flimsy and tend to buckle. Everything else is perfect with the apparatus. I enjoy my EcoJet and thank you!!!

Planning to travel with my ecojet.10 hour flight, will keep me more comfy sitting all those hours.

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Its compact

I like that it is small enough to take with you when you go out

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