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  Customer Reviews  

Here at EcoJet, we take customer reviews very seriously, and are proud to say that almost all our customers are satisfied with our products and service.

Customer Reviews

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Great machine!

After living in the Middle East for a number of years, this product is a must. It is very well made, easy to handle and works great,

Life saver

I never thought EcoJet would work so well. I bought it because my back does not twist very well and I needed help to clean my bum. I love it. It cleans thoroughly and I don't know what I would do with out it. Thank you EcoJet.


Works well and feel clean after using Ecojet.

Easy to understand

I was skeptical about ordering this product, but was pleasantly surprised. The startup instructions were easy to understand, and I've had no problems from the first use. It's a very good product for the money.

Well done.

After traveling through Vietnam and Hong Kong,using the "bum gun". I really enjoyed the clean fresh feeling Of "cleaning up" The idea was not very practical in my country as the water temperature can get pretty cold in winter. The Eco Jet came up on my Facebook page, and at the "special price", I thought why not give it a go.
What a surprise, I received an excellent quality product that really worked, and follow-up emails to ensure I was completely satisfied with the purchase.
I give you and your staff two thumbs up and would happily recommend Eco Jet to anybody.

Marvelous over holiday time kept me fresh and clean Granddaughter’s impressed

So soft

Love their feel. Quite absorbent. So soft. Right size.

Took me a few weeks to charge my ecojet and figure everything out . Was very pleased once I gave it a try. Would recommend ecojet to anyone . Has helped me tremendously

Great cleaner

No photos, but love it when I found the right place to put it!!


Its been great! Feel cleaner and use a lot less toilet paper. Have recommended to several people!


I love this device. Wasn't sure about how to dry off after use but have figured it out. TP use is much reduced. I

Clean rinse

Product works great as advertised .I Love the fact I just pat dry instead of wiping me sore just to get clean Needs a bigger H2o reservoir. Tried a water bottle with Teflon tape on the threads for the leak and it worked except it collapsed the bottle pumping out the H2o


I love your product. Wish I had found out sooner!

device gets a five!

I've been using bidets for years, but this solves the travel problem!


I have not yet received the EcoJet nor the towels. I am concerned.

Hi Mary - I looked up the email address you used for this comment in our system but I'm not seeing any orders come up. Can you please email us at if you used a different email address for the order?

I love it!

This is exactly what I was looking for! It cleans well and makes me feel fresh. Its great to not have to deal with smeary TP.

Awesome device

Only one negative comment a little difficulty locating the USB connector underneath the silicone rubber flap. It has been great otherwise. The sensation of cleanliness after cleaning things up with water so much better than the toilet paper way. Sorry I didn’t get one sooner. It was money well spent

Best Portable Bum Cleaner

I LOVE THIS! It is very easy to use, the water reservoir is the perfect size. I have a bidet from a big box store that is WAY TOO COMPLICATED to try to install. This does the trick!!! I’ve never felt cleaner!


Sadly I write this review having never tried the Ecojet as it still hasn’t arrived. I now have been waiting nearly a month.I know it is not the fault of your company as you shipped it out a while ago. It sits in a warehouse waiting to be shipped out to me by the postal service. I will gladly write a real review when I receive. Happy New Year to all.

Hi Marina - we're terribly sorry that there was a delay in delivery...USPS has been working way beyond capacity this holiday season. However, I'm seeing that your package got delivered today!

Love It

I love my EcoJet. My toilet is a little small so sometimes there is a little spray on the toilet seat. I would add a larger water bottle, but I am afraid it would be too big to use!


The best purchase I have ever made in my life.

Good product

Satisfied with my ecojet!! Wish the reservoir bottle would be bigger. Tried a water bottle but the threads are not the same, Thank you for this product!!!


Seems to work well, though I think a larger water reservoir would be an improvement, would save the small task of tending with a larger bottle

Learning curve

Love this Ecojet! Although there is a learning curve to the angle when using it, it is a convenient appliance to use, especially when we start travelling again. I also love the fact that I save on toilet paper. The only negative is the small reservoir. I had to refill it, which was not so convenient. But i love it!

Good product - poor instructions

Very good product, but, very disconcerting instructions. Please have the instructions rewritten by someone with knowledge of English sentence construction. Love using the eco-jet finally.

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EcoJet is an American company, based in Florida, on a mission to make your bathroom visits more hygienic and healthy, while reducing your environmental footprint. After years of hard work and countless prototypes, we have successfully built a product that we 100% stand behind. We can't wait for you to try the EcoJet Portable Bidet and experience this life-changing device!