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  Customer Reviews  

Here at EcoJet, we take customer reviews very seriously, and are proud to say that almost all our customers are satisfied with our products and service.

Customer Reviews

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Works great !!

We are using the product for about a month. It is perfect for me but my husband attaches a larger bottle and would like a stronger stream. All in all we are satisfied with the product.

Hey Alice,

We're so happy to know that you're enjoying the EcoJet experience, and we hope sooner or later, your husband would too! Thank you for dropping by to share your review.

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Great Product

Very well made and worth the money. What is not worth is the wait for it to be delivered way overdue by the Damn Post Office. Y'all need to use FedEx or UPS. If I can help it, I will not order any product that is shipped by USPS.
Sorry I gave Y'all such a hard time, but I don't mind paying a little extra to receive a product. If Y'all would give the customer a choice of how it is delivered I think it would be a whole lot better.

Hi Dickie,

We're so glad that your EcoJet finally made its way to you despite the delays, and thank you for your feedback. We're all about improving our services and products here at EcoJet, so rest assured, we're taking your comments seriously.

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Good sh!t

I have been using it a week and really love it. Only neg comment is that it took a few goes to get the hang of closing it...but that may be a reflection on me. :-)

Hi Geoff,

It is, right? We're sure you'll get the hang of it. Thank you for letting us help elevate your bathroom hygiene.

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It's The Best

Operates as advertised. I'm a believer.

Hey Eleanor,

Glad we've converted you to be an EcoJet believer like us! It just works, doesn't it?

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Ring of fire begone

Just had a colonoscopy recently, my EcoJet was the best gift I ever bought for myself.And yes this little gadget really works and delivers everything that it claims

Hey James,

We're so happy and proud that our EcoJet delivered exactly what it promised! We hope you continue to enjoy the comfort and convenience brought by our little gadget, and that it has been life-changing.

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Just ok

Stream is a might weak.

Good result!!

I am delighted with my eco jet. It is simple to use and does a really good job. Using far less toilet paper (haven’t tried the bamboo towels). I really wondered whether it would be another disappointment with advertising that sounds so good. Not disappointed and love it. Your customer service has been great. The little videos have been very helpful. Have a colonoscopy coming up and think EcoJet will make the prep much easier and less painful! Thank you - a top invention! Very admirable that some profits go to helping others.

Hi Lois,

Thank you so much for your support. Being able to bring ease, comfort, and convenience to your bathroom experience and personal hygiene, especially with an operation coming up, is truly rewarding for us.

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Making me Happy.

Well really like this gadget and got all my friend’s interested and one is going to order. I do volunteer teaching at a Church Group and quite a few with difficulties.
Our walking group got a demo. So you might get some more orders. For me it is very useful as we travel and when away from home it will be great as have a bidet at home and also a special toilet. Love it.

Hey Allan,

We're grateful to you for letting us elevate your bathroom experience and personal hygiene and for recommending us to your friends! For sure, your review will help us reach more people who needs our EcoJet.

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Perfectly clean feeling

What can I say, AWESOME!! Haven't felt this clean after doing my business since I was a child, when my parents use to clean my butt. Haven't tried the towels, but, no matter, I have recommended the EcoJet to all my friends, and even had one borrow mine to see how effective it was! Love it, love it!!

Hello Dominic,

It means so much to us that we've truly elevated your bathroom experience and personal hygiene! Thank you for letting us help and for recommending us to your friends!

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My new best friend

Ever since I started using Ecojet I haven't been feeling this fresh after coming out of the bathroom. Needless to say, I'm very happy with my purchase. This invention is a wonder, very easy and convenient to use. And the important thing is that it is portable. So from now on, this best friend of mine goes anywhere I go.

Hello Teresita,

We're Best Bathroom Buddies for life! Thank you so much for taking time to write this review and for recommending us to your (other) best friend!

As a gift from your bathroom buddy to you, we sent you a special treat via email! You're welcome!

Eco Jet

I have a Rear Clear at home and have loved it for over a year now. I missed it when camping or traveling, and hence the EcoJet has become my new travel companion, and I love it. It will be my constant companion on the road.

Hey Sigrun,

Thank you so much for your review! It means a lot that we're able to provide comfort and convenience during your travels.

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Clean butt

Very pleased with my ecojet, makes you feel clean and refreshing. It's brilliant! Thank you😊

Hi Jeanine,

We're so thrilled to know that! And thank you so much for leaving this note.

As a thank you, we sent you a special email! You're welcome.

Very easy to use!

I've had my EcoJet and been using it for about 3 weeks. I love it! For me, it doesn't always get me completely clean, but it does most of the job, and I usually can get the rest with just one swipe of TP. I do recommend that one swipe, because otherwise the cloth towel will sometimes get pretty nasty and has to be washed in a basin separately from putting in clothes washer.; but I have loose stools & diarrhea a lot. Not everyone would have this problem. The 2 things I like most are that, to my surprise, it IS easy to aim and doesn't get your whole butt wet; also, I am very concerned about saving the planet, and EcoJet absolutely does save me a LOT of TP! Saving trees is VERY important, and that saves me money, too! It's so simple to use, it's better than a bidet. You don't have to get up and move to a different seat while still dirty. Also, it saves the burning created by not getting completely clean with TP.

Hi JL,

Nothing motivates us most than feedbacks like yours! We're so thrilled to know that our EcoJet has elevated your personal hygiene and brought you so much convenience and comfort. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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FUNDAMENTAL! This little excellently designed and well made machine works as advertized. It is astonishlingly
easy to use and actually much faster than messy expensive toilet paper. QUICK AND CLEAN. And life changing for people with range of motion issues.

Hi David,

Those words really mean a lot to us. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with our EcoJet. We hope more and more people get to see and feel the EcoJet difference!

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Took me a few times

I won't say this is a perfect device, as it took me several uses to get clean back down there, but it is so much more effective than using toilet paper and much cleaner as well.

Hey Patrick,

EcoJet may not be 100% to your liking, that's why we're working hard in making it better and producing ass-mazing products to help you down there. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

We hope the special treat we sent in your email will make up for it!



Hello there,

Thank you for using our EcoJet and sharing your experience. We're sure you'll get the hang of it in no time and maximize its benefits!

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Superbly clean

I have found my EcoJet leaves me feeling really clean. I have been using it for weeks and only now have I recharged it. Superb product which I will take with me on all of my travels.

Hi Stephen,

Your feedback inspires us to continue working hard to produce more valuable products like our EcoJet and give back to the community. We hope you continue to enjoy using it in your travels. Stay safe (and clean!) out there!

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Great to be able to take my home bidet on the road!

I REALLY missed my bidet on fishing trips of a week or more. Ecojet has changed all of that. No more burning butt syndrome. Love this system. Always use the bottle adapter to ensure I have enough water for a full cleaning on high pressure. Thank you!

Hey Antone,

We're thrilled that our EcoJet made a huge difference to your travels! We hope it continues to elevate your personal hygiene, and stay safe out there!

Oh, and one more thing - did you see the special email we sent? Thank us later!

Great Product

Convenient, efficient, economical, very easy to use and maintain. Money well spent!

Hey Michael,

Spot on! That could be the most perfect description to our EcoJet, don't you think?

Thank you for letting us help you elevate your personal hygiene. You know what else we got for you? Check the rest of your emails today!

Excellent product.

For those of us that use Bide at home you cannot be without it, bought the ECOJet for a planned RV trip of 10 days found it to be perfect, has good power and the charge last for several days, made our trip much more enjoyable knowing would have to sit for several hour at a time. Gave one as a present to the family that was coming with us and the also appreciated it a lot, all in all a perfect product.

Hi Daniel,

It really means a lot to us that our EcoJet has elevated your personal hygiene and made your trip much more enjoyable. Thank you for the detailed review and for recommending and gifting it to your friends.

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Too Long

I find it hard to handle. Seems to be too long. I would prefer a shorter wand. I'll keep trying.

Fan ass tastic

I think it’s great I would like more pressure like my one at home but for being on the road it really works very well.

Hey Nicky,

Our EcoJet is ass-mazing, isn't it? It's super handy during travels.

You know what else is amazing? A surprise treat from us to you! Check your email inbox!

From Bummer to Beautiful

After my hysterectomy, it was extremely painful to wipe myself. This gadget handled the problem immediately. Took the first use to figure out how not to get water all over me (not because of the EcoJet, but because I pointed it incorrectly) but now, we're old friends.

Hello there,

Yey! We're so pleased that you find a great value in our EcoJet to consider it as your bathroom pal.

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Very pleased

I am so glad I found your ad. The EcoJet is a great effective item. I have reccommended it to a few people already.

Hi Paula,

We're so glad that you did! Now that we know you love our EcoJet, how about we treat you to something special?

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No muss, no fuss.

We have a Toto in the master bath, with all the bells and whistles. I have the EcoJet in the other bathroom, and enjoy the simplicity and ease of operation better. Water bottle is a great improvement for volume over stock one.

Hi there,

You don't know how much your feedback inspires us to keep producing more affordable yet valuable products out to the market! Thank you so much for the support.

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