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  Customer Reviews  

Here at EcoJet, we take customer reviews very seriously, and are proud to say that almost all our customers are satisfied with our products and service.

Customer Reviews

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Good product

I can’t believe how easy this is to use and I use warm water and a wet wipe that’s all. Great product 😷

Hello Nora,

We're so glad to know that our EcoJet has been giving you a better clean and the convenience that you need and deserve! Just so you know, you can also use our Bamboo Bum Towels to finally eliminate the use of wipes.

To show you how important your support is for us, we're treating you to something special! Check your email!

Sturdy bottle needed for thorough clean up

I would have given it a 5. However, the small water container is not sufficient. I had to look for the bottle which fits the apparatus. Perhaps, such bottle should have been provided. The water bottles suggested by EcoJet are a bit flimsy and tend to buckle. Everything else is perfect with the apparatus. I enjoy my EcoJet and thank you!!!

Planning to travel with my ecojet.10 hour flight, will keep me more comfy sitting all those hours.

Hey Judy,

You'll surely be more comfortable when you can freshen up on-the-go! Thank you for bringing us along on your travels, and have a safe flight!

And oh, how about we give you a special treat before you go? Please check our other email!

Its compact

I like that it is small enough to take with you when you go out

Hey Peter,

We love it that you can freshen up and clean yourself whenever you feel like it! Thank you so much for leaving such an amazing review.

To show how much we value your support, we sent you a special email!

Small tank

I think it works pretty good just somehow needs a bigger water tank runs out to fast.

Hey Jim,

Thank you so much for your review!

Let us help you out in that department - A brand in the USA that fits the adapter is Poland Springs Water (among many others). As each region (even within a country) sells different brands of water, we recommend taking the adapter with you to the grocery store and asking one of the workers to assist you in finding a bottle that fits. In general, the adapter fits with bottles that have a short lip/top/mouth.

Hope that solves it! And oh, we just sent you a special email! You're welcome.


Use a water bottle for more water.

Hey Greg,

Thank you for the tip! The rest of our customers will surely find this helpful.

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Best Travel Bidet Ever!

I have a bidet at home, but miss it when I travel. Ecojet fills that need. The best part is the water bottle adapter and I can get a longer cleaning cycle, almost a full two minutes.

Hi Donald,

We're so happy that you can get the complete clean, comfort, and confidence whenever and wherever you are using our EcoJet! We hope you can recommend it to your friends and loved ones for their next trips!

To show you our appreciation, we sent you a special email! Safe travels out there!

Aussie use

Great product but they don't fit Australian bottles

Hi Richard!

We're so glad that you find it a valuable purchase! Poland Springs Water & Kirkland (among many other brands) fit the adapter. The adapter fits with bottles that have a short lip/top/mouth. We hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of a better clean by EcoJet.

And oh, we sent you a special treat! Check our other email!


Great product-no more sore bum.

Hey Shannon,

Yay! We're so happy you liked our product! Thank you for letting us elevate your bum hygiene!

To show you how much we care for your bum, we sent you a special email. You're welcome.

Great Product

I love my eco-jet. Only one problem, sometimes it doesn't lock and falls into toilet. I've retrieved it right away and haven't had a problem but I'd like a better locking device. I try to be careful and make sure it's locked and I'm really happy with it.

Hello Jean,

Thank you for your time spent in writing this. Don't worry, we're here to help you out, always. We just emailed you regarding your concern.

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Love it.

Hey Gerri,

We love it even more that you do! Thank you for dropping by to share your thoughts on our product!

We know once thing you'll love more, a special treat from us to you! Check our email!

Bamboo Bum Towels
April Chappell

I did not know they could make anything this soft. Absolutely amazing to dry off my little bum. thank you.

Hi April,

Aren't our Bamboo Bum Towels the softest? Thank you for dropping by to leave this review. We hope you enjoy the comfort and cost savings from buying TPs.

As a token of our appreciation, we sent you a special email!

Helpful product ! Great for RA patients.

This product is really helpful BUT, I can not get a water bottle to fit it that does not leak. The blue lid leaks sometimes also. I am afraid to carry it with me due to leaking. Great idea - just stop the leak please.

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for taking the time to give us a review. We appreciate your feedback, and we're taking it seriously to improve our offerings.

A brand in the USA that fits the adapter is Poland Springs Water & Kirkland (among many others). The adapter fits with bottles that have a short lip/top/mouth. Also, please lock in the water reservoir to the main device to avoid leaking.

If you need further help, we're happy to talk to you through

In the meantime, please enjoy the special treat we're sending your way! Check our other email.


Love Love Love this EcoJet. It is a blessing in disguise for someone that has arthritis and a bad back. I will certainly recommend this to friends and family. Not only does it get me clean but I have cut my toilet paper use in half.
Thank You

Hi Nancy,

We're over the moon after reading your review! We love it you love our EcoJet as much as we do and that it has earned a recommendation from you too! We're happy to help you achieve a better clean, comfort, and convenience.

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Won't go without it.

I have a bidet put on my toilet seat at home. When I go on holiday and stay in a hotel or to my relatives home to visit and I do not have a bidet, I do not want to use the restroom. Feel not clean. Now with the Ecojet I can take my bidet with me. Love it. I have bought one for each of my daughters.

Hello Rodger,

We're so happy that you're now able to achieve a better clean, convenience, and comfort wherever you are! And thank you for gifting one to each of your loved ones! We're sure they'll love it as much as you do.

To show you how thankful we are, we have a surprise waiting for you on our other email!

Surprisingly Great Product - It filled a void

My Dr. suggested I get a bidet, but my bathroom did not have an outlet near the toilet. It was very discouraging until I heard about the Eco-Jet. I discovered the Eco-Jet & was delighted to discover that not only did it fill my need but was also portable so I could take it with me when I traveled. I am very happy with this product, and I do have a few suggestions for the next upgrade. It would be good if it had an even stronger speed. I find that the highest speed sometimes isn't enough to get thoroughly clean. The second suggestion would be that instead of an adapter for a bigger mass market water bottle, that the Eco- Jet comes in 2 sizes. The mass-market spring water bottles are somewhat flimsy & noisy. The current regular size is great for travel while a bigger water reservoired size would have a more substantial rigid water reservoir (like the regular one has now) that wouldn't be flimsy or noisy.

Hello Kathleen,

We're so happy that our EcoJet has given you the better clean, comfort, and confidence that you deserve. It has been our pleasure being part of your daily bathroom routine and personal hygiene.

We really appreciate your detailed review, so we want to treat you today! Check our other email!

Better clean

I really like my EcoJet

Hey Fred,

We like it even more that you do! Thank you for putting the word out there.

To show you how much we value your support, we sent you a special email!

Great Stuff

I'm surprised no one thought of this before. It is remarkable and effective and I love it.

Hi John,

We're so glad you're extremely satisfied with how EcoJet has been helping you get a better, complete clean.

To show you our appreciation for your support, we sent you a special email!

Excellent Product

Love using this product! I feel so much cleaner and no longer using so much loo paper! This device is very well made and easy to use. Best of all the after sales service and communication is second to now. Highly recommend this product and this company.

Hello Lisa,

Your extreme satisfaction and happiness with our products and service are what we aim for every single time. Your feedback sure makes all the hard work worth it!

Thank you for recommending our EcoJet. Let's treat you to something special today - please check your email!

Bamboo Bum Towels
Trish Mccarthy
Extremely satisfied

I give myself the luxury of a heated bum towel on the towel rail in the bathroom which leaves me warm and dry.

Hey Trish,

That's honestly a great idea! Thanks for sharing it, so more and more people could benefit from that procedure as well!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your self-care routine. To show you how important that is to us, we're throwing you a big surprise! Check your email!

Extremely satisfied

I am very impressed with the ease of use with the ecojet.I have suffered from multiple urine infections due to the close proximity of my anus to my vagina after having 3 children and area being cut and stretched.It is great being able to clean that area efficiently after poohing.

Hey Trish,

We're so happy to be part of your healing and recovery. You are an incredible woman, and we're so proud to be even just a little part of your day.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Let's brighten up your day with a surprise! Please check your email!

Easy to use and effective

The EcoJet is easy to use and effective. It saves using toilet paper and is easier on my butt. I'm really happy with it!

Hello Simon,

We're over the moon in happiness after reading your review! Your extreme satisfaction and elevated personal hygiene are our goals, and we're thrilled that our EcoJet is nailing it!

Let's treat you to something special! Check your email today!

Well Made & Effective

Product definitely not shoddy & cheaply made and is effective on high stream in achieving what it is designed for. No more trees need to be felled for me.

Hello Richard,

Yup, our EcoJet is indeed well-made and effective, not to mention affordable and tree-friendly too! We hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of the EcoJet shower.

We know one more thing that you'll enjoy! Please check that other email from us!

It works !!!!!!!

Once you work out the angle and where the control is, it’s a breeze. Very happy

Hey Dorothy,

We're so glad that you find our EcoJet a wonderful addition to your bathroom routine and personal hygiene.

We'd like to show you how thankful we are, so we're sending you a special email!

EcoJet to the rescue

I have been using this product for about two weeks. It is well made, and offers a good cleaning stream of water when used on the higher setting. I found for my use that attaching a larger water bottle gives me the proper amount of water to do a good job. Great idea to incorporate the bottle attachment ! I am happy with the product and highly recommend it.

Hi Richard,

We're so thrilled that you found our EcoJet a great purchase and a helpful device! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with the rest of the world, so they, too, will know how this handy device can benefit them.

To show you our genuine appreciation for your support, we sent you a special email!

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