More Than a Bidet  

  More Than a Bidet  

EcoJet's compact size & portability makes it a truly versatile instrument that everyone will love!

If you thought the EcoJet was just an eco-friendly device that cuts your consumption of toilet paper and cleans your butt, you’re in for a surprise!

Here are 7 more ways that the EcoJet Portable Bidet can benefit your life!

1. Anal Health

Anal health issues are extremely common, and you’re not alone if you have something bothering you down there. For example, hemorrhoids afflict roughly every 20th person in the United States, and almost half of people over age 50 have them. With such ailments, not only is the elimination process painful, but so is wiping with dry toilet paper.

When using the EcoJet, the soothing warm water from the EcoJet relaxes the anal muscles to make defecating (even with constipation) less problematic, as you no longer have to strain. The EcoJet also removes leftover fecal matter so you no longer have to painfully scrub inflamed tissues: all it takes is a few squares of toilet paper to tap them dry!

2. Elderly & Disabled

Your mother may be getting up there in age and has started to lose her motor function, or your brother may have had surgery on his dominant shoulder. In either case, twisting and wiping has become a VERY difficult task.

The EcoJet eliminates the twisting motion, as you can slide the nozzle between your thighs from the front without any strenuous motion to freshen up. The nozzle can also be set at any angle between 0 to 180 degrees so you can find the perfect angle for your needs. As all that's left is to tap dry, your hand will never have to reach around the back with the EcoJet.

3. The Outdoors

If you like camping, trekking, and visiting remote areas, you've probably found yourself in a situation where you had to go #2 but there was no toilet paper anywhere.

We don't need to know what you ended up using, but you should know that the EcoJet would've saved your butt!

4. Feminine Hygiene

That time of the month is inevitable, but a woman’s menstrual health should not have to come into question. A woman’s menstrual flow is not simply blood; it also contains cervical and vaginal mucus as well as degenerated endometrial particles. When this fluid comes in contact with bacteria in the air, it begins to decompose and can at times have a strong scent.

The gentle cleansing of the feminine wash rinses the area clean, removes any odor and helps to make what can be an uncomfortable time of the month a little more pleasant. You’ll be left with a greater sense of freshness and confidence.

5. Baby Care

Using the EcoJet is a terrific way to clean your baby without using a lot of wipes which can contain harmful chemicals for your baby’s delicate skin. Also, sometimes there are "solid" bits that need help getting loose from a baby's butt, and the EcoJet is perfect for that job.

Additionally, you can spray down reusable diapers over the toilet bowl so the waste can go down the drain properly, instead of putting baby soiling in the washing machine with other laundry.

6. Postpartum Care

After childbirth, it is very common for the peri-anal area to be extremely sensitive and sore, especially if you received stitches. The LO pressure setting of the EcoJet can help you cleanse and soothe the area without causing any discomfort or pain, as you can also choose your preferred water temperature. This is an ideal way to keep any stitches clean and infection free while also minimizing any itching in this area.

7. Pre & Post Intimacy

If you need to freshen up before and after getting down to dirty business, the EcoJet is there for you. Your partner will surely appreciate it!

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About Us

EcoJet is an American company, based in Florida, on a mission to make your bathroom visits more hygienic and healthy, while reducing your environmental footprint. After years of hard work and countless prototypes, we have successfully built a product that we 100% stand behind. We can't wait for you to try the EcoJet Portable Bidet and experience this life-changing device!