How the EcoJet Helps Your Anal Health

The Problem

There’s nothing more miserable than itching, burning and feeling miserable in unmentionable places when you’re out and about with friends and family or hard at work.

As a sufferer of chronic hemorrhoids, I understand only too well how painful and uncomfortable a trip to the bathroom can be. For anyone suffering from even more serious anal maladies, I can only say that my sympathy for you is enormous

Sadly, anal health issues are extremely common. If you don’t already have something, you surely know someone who does, and the numbers show that it’s only a matter of time before you start having one or more of them.

Hemorrhoids afflict roughly every 20th person in the United States, and almost half of people over age 50 have them. If you already have them and don’t do something more to alleviate them, you’re likely to be saddled with the pain and discomfort they can cause for a very long time.

Whether your anal malady is caused by a fissure, hemorrhoids/piles, rectal prolapse, a fistula, itching, IBD, IBS, or an ostomy, using toilet paper frequently causes additional complications because it doesn’t clean completely and because it’s dry, which can make wiping akin to torture against inflamed tissues.

So, you need a solution that doesn’t worsen what’s happening and one that will actually help alleviate your symptoms.

It’s far too easy to assume that cleaning up with toilet paper is the answer to every bowel movement, because that’s what we’ve been taught to believe since we were toddlers.

But toilet paper doesn’t really clean your skin; it smears at least some residual poop around your anal opening, where it can cause further irritation and discomfort.

(Seriously, now: would you consider picking up dog poop with your bare hand to throw it away AND then ONLY wiping your hand with toilet paper BEFORE going about the rest of your day? Of course not!

The best way to alleviate itching, bleeding, discomfort and physical pain in your nether regions is to gently wash away residual particles with cool or warm water.

If you need more convincing (which we doubt), a quick read of The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters by author and journalist Rose George and the humorous and inspiring Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization, can deliver the one-two knockout punch you need to make a change TODAY to the way you bathe your butt!

Introducing the EcoJet Micro-Shower:
A frugal, simple, sensible solution that can have a huge positive impact on your life

We created the EcoJet Micro-Shower (a twist on the standard stationary, in-home bidet) as a way to carry our clean-hiney solution everywhere we may need to “go” when we’re out and about… which is just about everywhere! The world's first portable micro-shower for the nether region took distinguished, international engineers months to create the ideal solution that has become a necessity for countless people. 

To us “Toilet Paper = Total Pain!” so we wanted to make it possible for anyone suffering from anal ailments to have their pain alleviated with a single solution.

The EcoJet Micro-Shower is a handheld, USB-charged device that you fill with cold or warm water and position just so, to eliminate what’s left after you’ve eliminated in 30 to 60 seconds. It folds and fits into a small purse or pocket, making it both discrete and extremely handy whenever and wherever you need it.

Watch the video below to see the EcoJet in action.

Are you as afraid as I was of going to the bathroom?

As a serious sufferer of hemorrhoids, there were times when I dreaded visiting the bathroom. I knew the pain would be unbearable when I eliminated AND when I wiped.

But when I started using the EcoJet, everything changed, and my fear disappeared

The soothing warm water from the EcoJet relaxes my anal muscles to make defecating (even with constipation) less problematic because I no longer have to strain. The EcoJet also removes leftover fecal matter so I no longer have to painfully scrub inflamed tissues: all it takes is a few squares of toilet paper to tap them dry.

Additionally, the EcoJet keeps the area around these varicose veins clean, which is crucial to ensure that no infection can gain a foothold.

With a healthy, clean butt, pooping can return to the refreshing experience it should be instead of the traumatic sweat-inducer it has become! Emotionally, your mood will surely go from anxious, irritated and nervous to relaxed, carefree and calm every time you go.

Here are your Steps to a Healthy & Hygienic Hiney:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page
  2. Select the color for your EcoJet
  3. Click the red “BUY NOW” button
  4. Fill in your shipping and payment details to complete the order

The EcoJet is a super-duper poop remover. From now on, every time you take care of your bathroom business, you’ll feel transformed knowing you’ll have a hygienic hiney and that you won’t be adding insult to injury by applying dry, wood-based plant materials to your already-afflicted nether regions.

In fact, we're so sure you'll love the EcoJet and what it does for you that we're offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Return it within 14 days and we'll refund your money, less shipping fees.

If you order TODAY, your EcoJet will be just $99 (a $50 saving) and we’ll include free shipping. What a small, risk-free price to pay to get the relief you’ve been seeking for yourself or a loved one.

P.S. And think of the money you'll save when you eliminate (or reduce by at least 50%) toilet paper from your shopping list!