Benefits for Women  

  Benefits for Women  

How Women Can Benefit From EcoJet

While the EcoJet is perfect for everyone, many women have found even greater benefits for their health issues. Many women are taking advantage of this product which offers relief from many health issues, is a great resource for feminine hygiene, is useful during menstrual cycles and just about everything else along the way.

Great Relief For Women With Constipation

Many women suffer from constipation caused by pregnancy, their diet, or certain foods that will lead to constipation. It's very uncomfortable and even maddening when it happens on a regular basis.

The EcoJet’s two levels of water pressure used with warm water creates a spa-quality experience that stimulates your bottom and helps to get your bowels moving. You should definitely look into the EcoJet to find the best relief from constipation.

The EcoJet Improves Feminine Hygiene & Keep Women Cleaner

When it comes to women's menstrual health, it should not be placed on the back burner. A menstrual cycle or period is not just about the flow of blood. This blood contains cervical and vaginal mucus along with degenerated endometrial particles. When this fluid comes in contact with bacteria it starts to decompose and leaves a very pungent smell behind.

A gentle cleansing from the EcoJet will wash away bacteria from the area, thoroughly clean, and remove odors. This is an uncomfortable time for women so a little help is greatly appreciated!

You might know that bidets also take care of menstrual cups and you can clean your menstrual cup with the EcoJet. Therefore, you do not have to leave your toilet when you want to take care of all your feminine hygiene in one place.

Relieve Urinary Tract Infection & Bladder Infection In Women

Urinary Tract Infection and Yeast leads to constant itching, unpleasant odors, and constant discharge. Even though the EcoJet cannot cure the infection, it can bring great relief from the symptoms and help with the urinary tract infection. With a good cleaning, you will feel fresh and clean and the water will remove unpleasant bacteria that causes the infection.

Relief & Prevention From Hemorrhoids & During Pregnancy 

Although there are many women who will suffer from hemorrhoids throughout their lives, it's more common during pregnancy and will actually continue as they age. The EcoJet can help with inflammation of veins in your rectum and anus and will expedite the healing of hemorrhoids. Instead of cleaning yourself with toilet paper, the EcoJet uses warm water to rinse the rectal area. The water gently sprays the area that is inflamed and swollen, bringing great relief. Also, using this product will keep you from wiping which will prevent hemorrhoids and keep the area fresh and clean.

New Mom's Baby

Babies are wonderful but they can also be very messy with soiled diapers. You can use your EcoJet on your baby with the low-pressure setting. It will clean your baby without using baby wipes that may contain harmful chemicals and not always get rid of all the build-up of bacteria. You can also spray down the diapers over the toilet bowl and then flush down all the waste properly. You do not have to worry about putting soiled re-usable dirty diapers in with your laundry.

EcoJet's Other Benefits During Pregnancy

Flexibility and mobility decrease your pregnancy continues. The EcoJet will eliminate the need for you to have to reach behind to clean yourself after a bowel movement. The gentle flow of warm water will keep you clean without needing added flexibility and movement that is lost with pregnant women.

Another incredible advantage for using the EcoJet is vaginal discharge from pregnancy that often becomes much heavier and can make women feel unclean. The EcoJet will keep you clean and feeling fresh all day long. The nozzles will wash away all discharge, allowing women to feel so much better during their pregnancy.

During the later stages of pregnancy, women will experience incontinence due to the pressure and weight of the baby on their bladder. Even though panty liners will help prevent leakage of urine soaking your clothes, you will still feel soiled. EcoJet will quickly and easily clean up any urine leakage from your skin and prevent any chafing or irritation from incontinence, all while sitting on the toilet bowl. Also, many women find it too much of a hassle to take a shower after experiencing incontinence while at the same time trying to deal with the many issues created by pregnancy. It will be much easier to use the EcoJet to clean various areas in no time at all while keeping your skin healthy and in great condition.

EcoJet Makes A Great Gift!

Bidets are perfect for women throughout all stages of their lives. Whether she is pregnant or suffering from other health conditions. It's a great gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, holidays, or even just to say Thank You! The EcoJet should be on the top of your shopping list to tell that special woman how much you care!

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