ShowerJoy by EcoJet - High-Pressure, Water-Saving, Mineral-Cleansing Showerhead

  • +200% Increased Water Pressure
  • Up To 30% Water Saving
  • Improves Hair & Skin Health
  • ​​Removes Bacteria & Chemicals
  • ​3 Shower Modes For Relaxation

Built-in mineral filtration stones purify your shower water and remove unwanted substances and compounds such as dirt, chlorine, rust, chalk, calcium, magnesium, heavy metals and more.

These materials, in high concentration in your shower water, may cause different issues such as -

  • Mineral build-up on your shower, also known as Limescale
  • Dry and itchy skin and hair
  • Unpleasant odor and taste of your shower water
  • Grime build-up which may be a fertile ground for bacteria that may cause different health conditions 

ShowerJoy by EcoJet shower heads and water filters are designed to filter out the unwanted materials from your shower water so you and your family can enjoy clean and healthy shower water.