Bamboo Bum Towel


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  • Naturally anti-bacterial, unbleached towels
  • 100% super soft bamboo fiber awesomeness
  • Completely eliminates need for toilet paper
  • ​Machine wash warm | Tumble dry low
  • ​Size: 30cm x 30cm | 11in x 11in
  • ​Weight: 32g | 1.1oz

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Unlock EcoJet's Full Potential!

Don't miss out on one of EcoJet's BEST BENEFIT with our super soft Bamboo Bum Towel!

Don't miss out on one of EcoJet's BEST BENEFIT with our super soft Bamboo Bum Towel!

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Say Goodbye to Dry,
Rough Toilet Paper!

Made out of 100% bamboo micro-fibers, our super absorbent Bamboo Bum Towels are softer than a baby panda's belly.

Your EcoJet shower won't be complete without a panda's hug to dry your tush 🐼


EcoJet users LOVE the Bamboo Bum Towel!

Kevin J.

These soak up excess water from by butt so effectively. Also, very, very soft.

Jessica C.

LOVE these incredibly soft and absorbent bamboo towels!!! My butt thanks you for such lovely towels.

Sonia T.

Soft, durable, absorbent. These will save me soooooo much money over toilet paper in the long run.

Eric J.

I'm so glad I purchased these with my EcoJet. I never have to damage my a**hole with toilet paper again!

100% Sustainable

Bamboo products have significantly smaller carbon footprint

100% Faster

Bamboo can grow 36 inches (91cm) in just 24 hours

100% Safe

No chemical bleaching or cancer causing BPAs used

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Bamboo Bum Towel
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Bamboo Bum Towels
Bamboo Bum Towels

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Bamboo Bum Towel
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Bamboo Bum Towels
Bamboo Bum Towels

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Bamboo Bum Towel
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Bamboo Bum Towels
Bamboo Bum Towels

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Customer Reviews

Based on 289 reviews
Soft as a Cloud!
So glad you like the bamboo towels ;)
Great for sensitive skin
Very soft just not for me
You need to buy this!

Your Purchase Supports Those In Need

Per the most recent USDA food security report, more than 37 million people, 11 million of whom are children, face hunger, with the pandemic creating an even greater strain on those in need. EcoJet will be donating a portion of sales to Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund to get food and funds to local food banks across the U.S.

About Us

EcoJet is an American company, based in Florida, on a mission to make your bathroom visits more hygienic and healthy, while reducing your environmental footprint. After years of hard work and countless prototypes, we have successfully built a product that we 100% stand behind. We can't wait for you to try the EcoJet Portable Bidet and experience this life-changing device!